Source code: bio/pseq.seq

class bio.pseq.pseq

Amino acid sequence

Magic methods:

__new__(p: cobj, n: int)
__new__(s: str)
__eq__(other: pseq)
__ne__(other: pseq)
__lt__(other: pseq)
__le__(other: pseq)
__gt__(other: pseq)
__ge__(other: pseq)
__getitem__(idx: int)
__getitem__(s: Slice)


split(k: int, step: int)

Iterator over length-k subsequences of the given sequence with the specified step size.

bio.pseq.translate(s: seq, table: Optional[Dict[seq, pseq]] = None)

Performs DNA to amino acid translation. An optional mapping from length-3 DNA sequences to amino acids can be given via table, otherwise the standard mapping is assumed.

extension seq


extension str

Magic methods:

__prefix_p__[N](s: str)